HOFFMANN Food Flavouring Factory

During production of small batches, there is a need for extremely precise (with an accuracy of a few grams) dosing of highly concentrated flavourings. The difficulty that occurs in this situation is the even distribution of a small flavouring amount in the prepared mixture of ingredients. This creates a serious risk of producing a batch with variable characteristics or, what is worse, a batch with excessive amounts of flavouring.

In order to facilitate our customers’ work, we have developed a special group of flavourings with the term “confectionery” in the trade name. These products do not differ in quality from those produced as standard, they have only a lower concentration, thanks to which they are easier to use in smaller production batches.

We sell confectionery flavours in 900 g bottles. We address our offer of powdered colourings in small 50 g packages to the same group of customers. The above products can be purchased directly in our company or through a network of wholesalers cooperating with us. The purchase price in both cases is identical. The offer of flavourings and the list of wholesalers can be viewed in the attached PDF documents.