HOFFMANN Food Flavouring Factory


The HOFFMANN Food Flavouring Factory

The HOFFMANN Food Flavouring Factory was founded in January 1995 by Wojciech Hoffmann. Initially, the company was based in Stęszew, a town near Poznań, Poland. Since its beginning, the organizational form of the enterprise, which is a sole proprietorship, has not changed. This guarantees the speed of decisions, which translates into high flexibility of undertaken actions and full responsibility as to arrangements and obligations towards contractors.

In 2013, a modern plant with office and warehouse facilities was designed and built, meeting the highest requirements for the production and distribution of flavourings and food additives. The new headquarters of the company was established in Zamysłowo, near Stęszew, Poland. The re-location to the nearby area enabled to retain experienced and highly qualified staff.    

Since its creation, the main direction of the company’s activity has been the production of liquid and powder food flavourings, intended for all branches of the food industry. We also offer flavourings of fruit, nut, vanilla, cream, chocolate, caramel, rum and citrus. The production of powder flavourings has been developing particularly dynamically in recent years. These products are used in industries producing dry, loose products, such as sports nutrition, dietary supplements, etc. We produce powder flavourings using the method of microencapsulation of flavourings in the maltodextrin molecule, using the spray towers in our plant.    

Regardless of our own production, we sell flavouring substances and preparations (including essential oils, vanillin, menthol) and food additives – mainly colours.

In addition, since 2009, we have a permit and a veterinary identification number issued by the District Veterinarian in Poznań, Poland for the production and trade of premixes and feed additives. These products are intended for flavouring feed, including fishing groundbait.

We offer our clients the opportunity to develop flavourings tailored to individual needs with the option of reserving the product exclusively.

The safety of our products is guaranteed by the implemented and constantly improved food safety management system. For 10 years, we have had a certificate of compliance with the ISO 22000: 2005 standard, but in order to meet the growing requirements of our customers, in 2020 we implemented a system based on the IFS Food Standard, which was certified by the TÜV Rheinland unit in May of the same year. All detailed information relating to our offer, terms of cooperation or certificates is available on individual pages of our website, which we invite you to explore further.